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Thu, 06 April 2017, 10AM
Source : Each Bank's Website
Central Bank Reference Rates 1,358.00 1,449.80 969.55
Asia Green Development Bank1,3621,3681,4341,450962968
Myanmar Oriental Bank 1,3571,3651,4381,461962977
CB Bank1,3561,3601,4371,450967972
United Amara Bank1,3561,3661,4391,459962976
Kanbawza Bank1,3551,3621,4391,452965972
Innwa Bank1,3551,3721,4331,456954969
Myanma Apex Bank1,3541,3621,4421,460969979
Ayeyarwaddy Bank0NA0NA0NA
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Exchange rates in Chart


Sat, 21 October 2017USDMMK
1 ounce 1,273.891,489,936.31
Gram Karat 2440.9647,907.92
Gram Karat 2237.5443,912.06
Gram Karat 2135.8341,911.01
Gram Karat 1830.7135,919.39
Gram Karat 1423.9027,953.78
Gram Karat 1220.4823,953.96
Source : Daily Gold Price


Sat, 21 October 2017USDMMK
1 Kilogram 0.52667,537.28
1 ounce 17.7520,760.41
1 Gram 0.57667.54
Source : Daily Gold Price


Sat, 21 October 2017USDMMK
1 Kilogram 30.9339,462,452.28
1 ounce 1,049.321,227,282.27
1 Gram 33.7439,462.45
Source : Daily Gold Price

local news

Rain on Her parade: Domestic Strife Taints Suu Kyi's Push to Woo Foreign Trade

 09 12 2016  |    moehtetkyaw

state Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi’s efforts to present Myanmar as open for business suffered a setback last week as she cancelled a planned visit to Indonesia following protests there over her handling of violence in Rakhine state.

Bean Exporters Keen to Gain From US Tariff Cuts, But Can’t Sell There Just Yet

 22 11 2016  |    MBT

Myanmar’s bean exporters are looking to find their way into Western markets, where they can benefit from special tariffs following the normalization of trade with the US and EU.

If Trump Punishes China, Investors Could Seek Safety in Myanmar

 22 11 2016  |    MBT

Financial markets in Asia didn’t fancy the outcome of the US election. Markets fell on the news of the Trump victory, and despite a rebound the MSCI Asia Pacific Index was trading close to a one year low last week. 

KFC Myanmar Ponders Mountainous Shan State as it Considers a Future Beyond Major Cities

 22 11 2016  |    MBT

US fast food giant KFC will open its first store in outside of Yangon next year with a new outlet in Mandalay. But the company is already looking further afield in its bid to tap increasing demand for consumer goods following decades of isolation and economic stagnation.

Myanmar is Insulated From the Risks of Trump, but His Victory May Inspire a Backlash Against Newfound Openness

 15 11 2016  |    MBT

The potential negative impact on Myanmar's economy from the Trump ascendancy will be minimal.